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Twin Tact

Families with multiples face comments and opinions from strangers about their children that can be of questionable etiquette, but less funny are poor decisions that can come from family, schools, or doctors. 

Well, first of all, there's not much of it! So here's one recent study out of Australia, published by the journal "Twin Research and Human Genetics" titled 'What Effect Does Classroom Separation Have on Twins Behavior?'. It followed twins from age 5 through 7 to determine the effect of classroom separation on their behavior, progress at school, and reading abilities. Take a look--it's a very interesting discussion of the implications of separation and of school-vs.-parent decision-making.   

Classroom Separation research paper (PDF)


This article from Pamela Fierro on discusses those "slight and infrequent" instances when someone unfairly prevents twins from experiencing something a single child would experience. She describes her twins being excluded from activities and being denied individual recognition.

It's interesting reading, and our SMOMs have been known to face the same examples: combined birthday gifts, confusion over separate playdate or party invitations, and the mandatory separation policies in schools. As Ms. Fierro says, usually these actions "are generated by a sense of confusion, misunderstanding or even misplaced good intentions" and she suggests some proactive communication with family, friends and schools.

Twin Discrimination article (

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