Seaside Mothers of Multiples


Monthly Meetings

What to Expect at a Meeting

Drop-in visitors are always welcome!  The next meeting is Wednesday, September 13th @ 7:30 PM.

Our meetings provide us with a chance to talk, laugh, and get caught up with each another, but at the heart of things is the need for support. We have all arrived at one time with a specific fear or frustration, needing some group problem-solving, and in turn we have all had the pleasure of providing advice or encouragement to someone in need.

Meetings begin socially over refreshments, with an early session prioritizing new moms who need to get home for feedings (or who might fall asleep in the armchairs!) followed by a few minutes on group business, turning as quickly as possible to the support part of the meeting.

During the business portion of the meeting, new members are introduced, births are announced, and board members update the group on activities, news, and requests for volunteering. 

The support part of the meeting is conducted in an organized and respectful manner so as to include everyone: Each person has a turn to introduce themselves and address the group, whether to ask a question, tell a story, or, (and it does happen!) simply say that everything is fine. Occasionally a guest speaker will visit to discuss a child development topic.

We are fortunate that SMOMs who do not have an issue to raise on a particular night, especially our group's many seasoned moms of older multiples, come and offer their support to the SMOMs who are having a difficult time. Those of us who are at our wits' end with an inconsolable infant or terrorizing toddlers find tremendous strength and hope from the amusing stories, reassurances, and suggestions from the veteran SMOMs.

Schedule and Directions
Our meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month (Sept-June) in the multi-purpose room at the Emilson YMCA in Hanover, MA, which is located off Rt. 53 on Mill Street in Hanover.

Support for moms with newborns starts at 7:30pm, followed by group business and regular support. The meeting runs as long as is necessary (but not later than 10 PM). During the summer months, we schedule informal nights out for food, drink, and talk. 

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