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SMOM and trainer Dawn Horlbeck offers the  SMOMs Fitness Challenge sessions throughout the year. It's an 8-week program in which you tally points for nutrition and activities in (gentle) competition with other SMOMs, and (more heartily?) against yourself to inspire whatever combination of weight-loss, fitness, wellness, or energy boosting you're looking for. There is a $65 fee.
Email Dawn Horlbeck for more details


Recommended by SMOMs 

"I just created iHealthRecords for our family and wanted to tell you all about this great new service. You can create a secure, online health record for everyone in your family, which will let you keep all of their important health information in one place. Because the records are online, you can always access them from wherever you are...even on vacation! You can grant privileges to physicians, as well as a friend or family member who could access it for you in the event of an emergency. A handy little wallet card lets you alert anyone that you have a health record, and it provides emergency contact information. It's very easy to do-and takes less than a half hour to complete each record. You can even print it out to take with you on vacation or keep in your files at home. I think this is really an invaluable service, especially for emergencies and when we travel." 

"Here's a website that lets you check your drugs for possible interactions. It looks pretty good, and supposedly, pharmacists also believe it is a good site." --Thanks to Linda C. 

"Respiratory Synctial Virus affects nearly all children by the age of two. In adults and children, the symptoms are usually mild cold-like symptoms, but in premature babies, it can develop into a serious respiratory illness. This is a very informative website which can help you learn more about RSV, including how to help prevent it in children at risk for severe RSV disease." --Jackie C.


Several members have spoken positively about their experiences with homeopathic remedies. A few SMOMs have developed a relationship with Genevieve Lane, Homeopathic Specialist and founder of the Natural Healing Center in Norwell (781-982-1616). Genevieve came to speak at one of our meetings a few years ago, and we are currently working on having her visit with the group again.

Several SMOMs say they rely on the following books:

"Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicine" by Stephen Cummings and Dana Ullman

"No More Amoxicillin: Preventing and Treating Children's Ear Infections & Respiratory Infections Without Antibiotics" by Dr. Mary Ann Block

"Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants" by Dana Ullman

"Lilipoh: The Spirit in Life (Special Edition: New Light on Children's Health)" at

From Marybeth S.: "The book I use most is "Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicine" (see above). The text is meandering, but the symptom & remedy tables are very helpful and accurate. When I was in the throes of many ear infections without relief, I turned to the Mary Ann Block book (see above). Some of the techniques in there definitely help to expel all of the fluid in the ears. For easing earache pain, fill a sock with rice and tie it off. Microwave for two minutes, check temperature before giving it to a child. Apply to ear and neck. It's very soothing."

Anita S. keeps these natural remedies on her shelf:
Teething: Chamomilla Tablets
High Fever: Aconite
Bad Cough: Lemon Wraps
Asthma/Breathing: Fish Oil
Colds: Elder Flower Tea (keep the individual wrapped up warm, including feet, and avoid proteins)
Conjunctivitis: Echinacea/Goldenseal Tincture
Gas: Ground Ginger and Honey mixed with water. 

For those of you who are curious about the homeopathic remedies that some of our members extol, but aren't quite ready to make an appointment with a homeopath, you might find the website of interest. You answer a slew of questions about your child's current condition, including behavior as well as physical symptoms, and then the website makes a recommendation on what remedies to try.

Remedies (tiny pills which dissolve very quickly in the mouth or in a few tablespoons of water) can be purchased online, at Whole Foods in Hingham, at the natural food store on Rt. 53 in Hanover, or directly from a homeopath.


Cold & Flu Season Tips

From Angela K: Triaminic's 'Thin Strips' come in a dissolvable thin film form that melts on the tongue. They're perfect for on the go--just tuck a couple of band-aid size packets into your pocketbook. They come in Cough & Cough and Runny Nose formulas. They've definitely made my house quieter (no more protesting!) and my life easier. (Not for children under 5!)

SMOM Dawn L. swears by the homeopathic Airborne tablets (also Airborne Jr. for kids aged 4-12), which you can take at the first sign of a cold. The tablets are effervescent and dissolve in a small glass of water. At CVS for about $6 for 10 tablets.

Dawn also recommends Zicam Cold Remedy Swabs, another homeopathic cold remedy for adults and kids which claims to shorten the duration and severity of the cold with a special zinc compound you wipe into the nostrils. The swabs have no odor or bad taste, and they're non-drowsy and non-habit forming.

First Aid Kit Essentials
by Angela K.

A First Aid Kit is a must in any household, but even more so when you have children. To make treating boo-boos easier, and so the babysitter and my husband can find everything in a hurry, I keep a First Aid Kit on top of my refrigerator in a clearly-marked plastic container. (If you still have any mercury thermometers, dispose of them on your town's hazardous waste collection day or call your Board of Health.)

I also keep a small First Aid Kit in a plastic container in my car trunk. When the kids were very young, I also kept a few band-aids in my pocketbook (or diaper bag) so little boo-boos wouldn't derail my agenda while we were in the mall.

Below is a printable list of some suggestions (expanded upon from the American Red Cross) on the contents of a First Aid Kit for home and car:

SMOM First Aid Kit Essentials (PDF)

Here are some more tips on a portable kit: I've learned from experience that a small flashlight can help inspect a sore throat and/or wounds, and that bottled water with squirt/sports top helps to rinse dirt from the occasional playground cut or scrape. And it's good to have an extra roll of toilet paper in the car, too (port-a-potties can save the day, but you never know what condition they're in). Always have sunscreen (or even facial moisturizer with sunscreen, since it's good for Mommy to reapply frequently, too). And why not Tylenol and antacid for adults (the sample packs you get free in the mail are the perfect size)...

I hope you've found some useful information here and that you and your family have a lifetime of good health!
Go to our catalogue of websites that serve as tools in creating a safer environment for our kids. It includes sex offender registries and media reviews.


Please read "Meghan's Hope": Kim and Ralph Beck's 3-year old twin daughter Meghan was killed when she climbed into the drawers of an unsecured bureau. Their organization raises awareness about the importance of preventing furniture tip-overs and resultant injury and death to children. The website is an excellent source of information about securing furniture, appliances, and TVs, and where to find the right hardware. 

"A hole in your wall or furniture is certainly better than a hole in your heart, believe us."

Visit the MEGHAN'S HOPE site

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